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Our expertise

An atypical view

ECOSUN Expert is characterized by a philosophy closely linking the agri-development energies. The need of food and access to it are more onerous as the access to energy for their production is more difficult. It is often the case in developing countries. In this context, the symbiosis between energy production and the production of food items is a reality and a necessity.

This position led us to the developement of a varied field of expertise that allows us now to execute not only plants but also global projects including, in addition to plant,  other structures such as buildings and infrastructure sometimes. An unique position in the market, no other company making available to its clients its own competence of manufacturer and developer of projects equally comprehensive and complementary.

Given this adaptability and due to the increasingly larger demand of projects that exceed the limits, ECOSUN Expert aims also its development in other related areas as provided in the moment of its incorporation.

A worldwide network of competencies

For ECOSUN Expert there is no supplier or service providers, but only partners, mostly installed in Europe. Through this network, we are able to find new competencies or products about probably we would not have any idea.

Outside this network of key partners, ECOSUN Expert aims to the international development built around local placed teams. What is the commitment? Identification of areas with potential where it would be possible to create a sustainable structure, taking the form of a local branch with local associates interested in seamless approaches. Durability is the keyword of the actions undertaken.

A perennial development

ECOSUN Expert's objective is clear: the implementation of structures with a minimum lifetime of 25 years, to provide beneficiaries and their exploiters a real profitability in time.

This not causing an excess development, but a controlled search of new clients and partners.

« It is something we are proud of: the 65 clients we are currently counting on are all satisfied, recognize the high quality of the choices they've made for their projects and have no regrets they put their full trust in us. This atypical relationship,  fingerprint of the common spirit and common sense, is a part also of our factory brand ».

Our areas of expertise

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Production of electricity

Electricity production, whether of solar or vegetal origin, is the essence of the historical profession of ECOSUN Expert. Years of experience inthe area have enabled us to develop our own solutions to optimize this production: site selection, positioning the panels in relation to the type of power needed, selection and sizing of components, implementation, operation and maintenance of the location, etc.  Plants designed by ECOSUN Expert allow productions of 10 to 15% higher than the market standards.

Turnkey Photovoltaic Plants

In addition to our projects managed on our own, we also build and deliver photovoltaic plants to clients making such a request. Forindustrial power size (36KWc and over) placed on the ground or on roofs or even for project management development (land research, building permits and injection, permits to build, ...) the delivery and reception is personalized and the implementation iscomplete, ever since the idea up to the use. The result? The most performant plants in the market with more than 60 units with computerized surveillance of the production and a recoil of more than seven years in power production.

Industrial zone with positive energy

The company's eco-responsible philosophy determined naturally ECOSUN Expert to try to optimise the maximum energy production in the roof and to limit the loss of energy under the roof. This approach gave birth to a new concept of building which, besides the produced energy, also integrates an extended level of insulation and natural lighting, as well as an electrical management of the natural ventilation. This equation enables us to claim the paternity of the first industrial zone with positive energy in France by a positive balance between production and consumption after the first year of full occupation for logistic and industrial activities (a total number of 7 buildings on an area of 8 hectares). This achievement initiated the efforts made nowadays, among others, with Alsace Energivie, for the establishment of the first label of industrial zone with positive energy. 

Label Pôle fibres énergivie

Labelling « Pôle Fibres Energivie » received on the 13th of February 2015.

International development

All solutions developed in France are available abroad:

  • The zone with positive energy enables preferential lease fees
  • Energy production in a zone insulated with "Off-Grid" system or "EMS - Energy Management System" thus enabling the preferential coupling and steering of multiple energy sources.

Our team is multilingual and our first experiences abroad are extremely positive: see our achievements in progress and the solar park in Brasov

Trophy for High-Potential Company awarded for:

CCI International Alsace Export

Roof Cleaning and Maintenance

Perennial exploitation and production optimization of plants or parks can not be guaranteed only by concluding maintenance contracts for the security, comfort of the operator and solar roof cleaning. ECOSUN Expert has developed competencies around these activities, foreshadowing the registration of facilities on the longevity line and their exploitation for more than 25 years. In this regard, besides regular checks and installations thermography, a first cleaning robot with remote control for roofs has just been put into operation and a second one was ordered. Ever since the installation of the first robot in April 2014, more than 185 000 m2 on 93 roofs have been treated for an average increase of production between 3 and 25% depending on age, the location of solar systems as well as the wear and tear of the buildings. 

Renting of buildings

Rather than building greenfield projects in areas with high land pressure, intervening on agricultural premises, we chose to develop a more sustainable strategy: we are developing, when possible, projects in industrial areas, capitalizing on this occasion the existing spaces . Are you interested? Some recent parks or buildings  are still available for renting.


Energy production is often the solution to generate additional income in areas that can not yet be currently agriculturally exploited : thus becomes possible the optimization of these areas currently under-exploited, equipped with agronomic potential mainly due to the installation of pumping stations or due to the irrigation in Africa for example. This agro-development is made under the specific conditions of each geographical area and complying with the natural resources at their disposal:  ECOSUN Expert is not positioned in a conventional production logic, but rather in a logical soil conservation (Low-Till Process-Conservation Farming). Again, we identify the system sustainability.

Agri-development, unconventional  agriculture constitute a genuine know-how within ECOSUN Expert: the energy produced participate in agricultural development in certain areas, while agriculture serves as the basis for power in others, thus creating a true vicious circle where these conditions are combined.

In this regard, agri-energy tests have been performed in many parts of the world (Eastern Europe, Africa or North America); do not hesitate to contact us for detailed information.

Renovation of new faulty power plants

Due to the experience in design and exploitation of solar power plants, ECOSUN EXPERT is often delegated to provide expertise for the prospective repairs of new, faulty designed power plants which display sometimes serious tightness problems or risks of fire because of the uncorresponding choice of components or because of incorrect assembly works. Besides the risks, these power plants, although new, display significant production decreases and the origin thereof must be established. It is estimated that in France one industrial size power plant of 5 will face significant production decreases because of the uncorresponding choices made upon commissioning.