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WORLDWIDE - Mobil-Watt®

Mobil-watt® is a mobile autonomous container specially designed to supply electricity to villages, humanitarian or military operations, ecotourism, agricultural irrigation or mining activities.

Off-grid, pre-assembled and pre-wired, Mobil-Watt® meets the energy needs of the isolated areas, where the conventional electricity grid is inexistent, but meets one-time special needs too (mobile operations for example).

Easy to use, it takes about one hour to install it and start producing electricity, without special skills.

Less maintenance, no fuel costs, no noise or olfactory nuisance, free and renewable energy, are the highlights of this innovation.

The commercialization is starting in May 2016, after three years of development and the full-size test in real applications of several prototypes all around the world.

Mobil-Watt® provides a flexible and modular offer according to the energy requirements because the proposed powers range from 5 to 50 kWp.

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Our first references

Nigeria : electrification of housesMali : electrification of villagesMorocco : solar trailer with integrated batteryFrance (Hombourg) : loading of lift truck batteriesGermany : German army and hot water producingLithuania : Lithuanian armyChili : pumping station USA : electrification of an Indian reserve


  • Mali : electrification of villages
  • Chili : pumping station
  • France (Hombourg) : loading of lift truck batteries
  • Germany : German army
  • Lithuania : Lithuanian army
  • Nigeria : electrification of houses
  • Morocco : solar trailer with integrated battery
  • USA : electrification of an Indian reserve
  • Germany : hot water producing