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Energy supply to a plant in Senegal and generally in Africa, brings two major problems:

  1. Continuity of supply: depending on the production failure and / or consumption, the power supply is not regular and may be subject to outages sometimes lasting for hours. Power cuts and restoration of power raises major production failure and premature wear of the production channels (breaking of electric motors ...);
  2. The cost of power supply: the power produced by national operators, when available, is extremely expensive, especially since it is produced based on fossil energy such as heavy oil, sometimes  100% imported.

For this project of independent energy of one of the largest fish processing plant on the continent, ECOSUN Expert is committed to study the implementation of a biogas production plant in order to produce electricity.

The principle of self-consumption is in this case pushed to the limit especially since the chosen solution allows the incorporation in this process of over 10 tons of fish waste daily mixed with vegetal matter and re-use of dried organic fertilizer to produce vegetal matter used in the process.

  • Project ECOSUN Senegal
  • Project ECOSUN Senegal
  • Project ECOSUN Senegal