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    Transforming an abstract idea into a tangible reality, adapted to the implementation environment is also the know-how of ECOSUN Expert.

    Idrissa Seck, former Prime Minister of the Republic of Senegal.

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SENEGAL - Kaolak

After the first tries to plant maize,  this agri-development project with full energy autonomy is the commissioning of a solar plant to power the pumping stations in an isolated location. Scope of the project is to cultivate an area of at least 50 hectares.
This project allows a minimum of two annual harvests with an outlet contract for harvests.

ECOSUN Expert is both the Contractor and Global Project Manager.

It is also about a participatory project at the technical level (interactions of photovoltaic plant production - storage - night refund, by interfacing with a diesel group for the management of consumption).

It is an innovative project that can be multiplied on long term in Africa to meet growing problems in isolated locations, and, from the global point of view, supply of villages not connected to the grid.

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  • Ecosun agri-development
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  • Ecosun agri-development


Kaolak – SENEGAL.