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CONGO - Kinshasa

Electrification of 3 000 dwellings

Within the project « Cité de la paix Cardinal Etsou », the programme "a roof for everyone" envisages the building of 3,000 houses.

Congo, like many other countries on the African continent, is faced with lage difficulties in what energy is concerned. However, being close to the Equator, the solar energy is produced naturally to partially attenuate these disorders and, therefore, would enable the solving of these supply shortage for primary needs (storage of perisable merchandise, food, ventilators, etc.)

A Congolese delegation approached the company Ecosan Expert in order to find a global solution to enable electric autonomy for the houses within the programme "a roof for everyone".

  • Cité de la paix Cardinal Etsou, programme un toit pour chacun