• Olivier Rohmer, Arnaud Stoeltzlen, Jean-Michel Fuchs, Frédéric Rohmer

    Unconventional projects, reliable partnerships, satisfaction of actors and new challenges are our engines.

    Olivier Rohmer, Arnaud Stoeltzlen, Jean-Michel Fuchs, Frédéric Rohmer

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the renewable energy era.

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Our company

A pioneer company, expert and international

The source of many beautiful stories is always a meeting:  ECOSUN Expert is no exception to this rule. Indeed, the company emerged from the meeting of four entrepreneurs, each of them, entering from conviction in the world of renewable energies.

« We had ideas we put together and gave birth to our first achievements, designed for us. Furthermore, other actors came to see us and presented us with confidence their projects that we had to reproduce for them what we had put into practice and what meanwhile has proven its value. »

Thus, ECOSUN EXPERT has developed, whose area of ​​expertise does not cease to expand.

Although it is a French company, it does not know any borders, because its founders complementary paths, who are each  attached to different geographical areas from the historically point of view. Thus, we shine in the world, both in Europe and in North America or in Africa.

This international presence enables global identification of all issues, and of opportunities faced today by the renewables. Echoing these problems, the philosophy of ECOSUN Expert is always anticipating and implementing sustainable systems. Why? Because a park or plant well sized and well prepared in the present will always have a reason to exist tomorrow, beyond a service life of 25 years. 

Beyond this, ECOSUN Expert can also be the promoter of the widespread implementation of innovative systems such as the so-called positive energy ZI or energy production in isolated locations. How? Through association and collaboration with the competent authorities, for example Alsace Energivie or by associating with associations, local collectivities and national or international political authorities responsible for strategic projects.

A history that bears the mark of innovation and achievements

Since its establishment in 2008, ECOSUN expert has not ceased to grow, while remaining available to its partners and clients.

  • 2008 :
    launch and construction of projects managed in its own name by ECOSUN Eexpert; start selling solar installations
  • 2010 :
    start of construction of parks managed by ECOSUN Expert in France, connected to the network at the end of 2010 to early 2012
  • Fin 2011 :
    establishment of the first  foreign subsidiaries
  • 2012 :
    opening of the first testing works of agro-development in self energy in Africa
  • 2013 :
    connection to the first high power photovoltaic parks abroad and launching of the maintenance activity
  • 2014 :
    completion of the first ZI with positive energy with 1 year recoil from the balance of production / consumption and the launch of a solar roofing cleaning activities with first remote control robot in France
  • 2015 :
    Demonstrative building and labelling « The first Industrial Zone with Positive Energy in France » by Pôle Fibres-Energivie.
    Start of the construction of the first self-consumption power system in Alsace. Company winner of the Trophy Export 2014 awarded by CCI Alsace.
    Finalist of the Innovation Trophies 2014.
  • 2016 :
    Commercialization of the first solar mobile plant in container form. Launch of the solar trailer with integrated battery, composed of a dozen modules. Test and validation of full-scale prototypes of a new generation of solar trackers 2 axis.