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Area for investors

A constant search for investors, and ideas to be developed around this idea

Our history is always written by more than one person and this philosophy resists.

ECOSUN Expert has many development projects in energy and agriculture with energy autonomy, in various and varying stages of advancement, geographical or dimensional implementation of investments. Some of them are summarized on the site, others can be presented on request, given their confidential status yet to be put on line.

In parallel, ECOSUN Expert has extensive experience in the implementation of ideas belonging to specific crafts:  cooperation is a part of our philosophy. Do not hesitate to share your needs or ideas: we will know how to convert them in France or abroad!

An experience that can not be denied, generating confidence … and success

We have already managed projects for private investors, institutional and national or international funds. The amounts invested for or by our projects exceed for now 200 million in 2008. Such expertise, recognized both in France and internationally is our guarantee of success for your projects. In addition to our team, many clients or partners are at all times ready to talk about this joint success.

Obviously, any project is worth of return on investment: the investment is taken into account by our teams since the launch of the project, the strategic development up to its operation. The originality of the project and the challenge are our engine!

Why you should invest?

  • Concerned by the needs of its various clients,  ECOSUN Expert proposes project allowing a rapid recovery of investments or projects rather patrimonial, whose return is for long-term.
    In addition, many projects allow the diversification of assets and its investments, both geographically and fiscally: thus you protect your capital by expanding the geographical territory.
  • Investing in projects of ECOSUN Expert is the guarantee of safe investments: indeed, our projects are directly related to the most profitable and the longest sectors: energy and agri-development.
  • Conceived and built to last, projects of ECOSUN Expert ensures you a real return on short or medium term, depending on your imperatives, especially due to a team that makes for you the best choices in terms of components and locations for implementation.
  • Due to their global implementation, projects of ECOSUN Expert allow you to extend your assets and activity areas from the geographically point of view.

Contact us

Check our development projects, some of them are still open to investment. Are you interested? Do not hesitate to get in contact with our teams. They will also provide you also other avant-garde projects, but which still have a strategic and confidential nature for the appeareance on our site.

Your ideas interest us. Feel free to share your thoughts about our work, we have no doubt the key to turn them into reality!