• Olivier Rohmer, Arnaud Stoeltzlen, Jean-Michel Fuchs, Frédéric Rohmer

    Unconventional projects, reliable partnerships, satisfaction of actors and new challenges are our engines.

    Olivier Rohmer, Arnaud Stoeltzlen, Jean-Michel Fuchs, Frédéric Rohmer

  • Bernard Schalck

    No personal hassle, no financial waste, Ecosun solution comes directly from the source!

    Bernard Schalck, administrator of the SCEA Schalck society

  • Our development projects

    Transforming an abstract idea into a tangible reality, adapted to the implementation environment is also the know-how of ECOSUN Expert.

    Idrissa Seck, former Prime Minister of the Republic of Senegal.

  • Solar parks ECOSUN Expert

    Professionalism, a fruitful collaboration, compliance with the specification and timings are a reality at ECOSUN Expert.

    Régis Bauduin, head of Pôle Industrie-Services de l’Agglomération de Chaumont

ECOSUN you enter
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the renewable energy era.

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The first mobile solar power plant!

Mobile off-grid container, Mobil-Watt® is a « plug-and-play » solar power plant which is operational within a maximum of 2 assembly hours.

Find out our deployment at the Hombourg site, with 3 persons active for the installation… and a lot of curious visitors!


Mobil-watt® deployed
Mobil-watt® deployment

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